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The Rosenstein Law Offices zealously represents and fights for the rights and interests of victims and close family members who have sustained personal injury, wrongful death or related damages as the result of the negligence or unreasonable actions of licensed professionals. In so doing, the firm has successfully represented numerous victims and their families in professional malpractice claims and professional liability claims in Los Angeles and throughout the entire State of California.

We are California Law Firm with Global Clientele. We are highly qualified, licensed, and authorized to practice law in all Courts in the State of California. Therefore, we have the resources available to properly represent professional malpractice or professional liability victims in connection with their insurance claims, cases or associated legal matters.


There are various types of people who hold themselves out to be professionals in their particular area of expertise including, but not limited to, medical doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, attorneys, accountants, tax preparers, bookkeepers, architects, contractors, developers, drug manufacturers, and the list goes on and on. These professionals are usually licensed by the State of California and there many statutory guidelines and regulations which set forth many of their duties of care in the performance of their profession.

We are all required to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner and act within the customary standard of care of a reasonable person in our normal everyday lives. We hold licensed professionals to a higher standard or care in the performance of their professional duties. Professionals have heightened duties of care to act in the reasonable and customary manner which is applicable for their particular profession. Of course, professionals are not required to be perfect or be the very best in their profession, but they are required to conduct themselves with the requisite standards of care and customary skills which are consistent with the licensing and regulations for their profession. However, the failure of professionals to conduct themselves within the applicable professional standard of care is about as normal and commonplace as getting out of bed in the morning or putting on a pair of pants one leg at a time. Simply stated, professionals are human and human beings will make mistakes. No one is perfect. Even professionals make mistakes. Notwithstanding the same, if the mistakes, errors, omissions or negligence of professionals causes personal injury, damage or wrongful death to another person, the professionals who conducted themselves in a negligent manner may be found legally liable and responsible for the personal injuries, damages and wrongful death which were proximately caused by their negligence.

We hire licensed professionals to deal with many aspects of our daily lives. In any event, if you or family members live in the State of California, the likelihood is that you or one of your loved ones will eventually fall victim to professional malpractice or professional negligence at some point in your lifetime. A doctor may accidentally leave a surgical instrument in your chest cavity or amputate the wrong extremity. A nurse may give you the wrong medication or forget to give you the correct medicine at all. A pharmacist may not label your prescription properly or may give you the wrong medicine altogether. A dentist may drill right into a nerve and cause you paralysis. An attorney that you retained may have forgotten to file your complaint within the time allowed by law and your case may dismissed with prejudice. Your accountant or tax preparer may improperly fill out your tax forms or file your tax return improperly. Your bookkeeper may give your accountant the wrong information to prepare your tax returns. Your contractor may have forgotten to properly secure the roofing material on your home. Your architect may have made a mistake on your plans and/or drawings. Your developer may have used unlicensed workers and substandard material to perform the building of a condominium project. A drug manufacturer may have given you tainted drugs or the wrong medication during a drug study.

The list goes on and on. The list of the ways in which you can sustain damages, personal injuries and wrongful death as a result of the professional malpractice or negligence of licensed professional is almost endless. Notwithstanding the same, at the time of any type of professional malpractice, you and/or one of your loved ones may sustain personal injury, wrongful death or destruction of personal property. The personal injuries and damages sustained in many types of professional malpractice cases can be extremely severe and result in extreme financial losses, damages and wrongful death.

An injured party or family member should not simply operate under the mistaken belief that the negligent party and/or their insurance company will do the "right thing." The clear fact of the matter is that insurance companies and their representatives are not there to protect the rights and interests of victims of professional malpractice. They are there to protect their own insured's rights and interests, as well as to protect their own bottom line. We are there to protect the rights and interest of our clients. We can be there to protect your rights and interests as a victim of professional malpractice if we agree to handle your case or matter.


  • The Medical Board of California maintains records on medical malpractice and complaints which are made against physicians in the State of California.
  • The State Bar of California maintains records on legal malpractice claims and complaints which are made against attorneys in the State of California.
  • The California Board of Accountancy maintains records on accountant malpractice claims and complaints which are made against accountants in the State of California.
  • The California State Board of Pharmacy maintains records on pharmacy malpractice and complaints which are made against pharmacists in the State of California.
  • The California Contractor License Board maintains records on contractor negligence and complaints which are made against contractors in the State of California.


Professional Malpractice, Professional Negligence, accidents, errors, omissions and mistakes will undoubtedly happen and damages will be sustained. The Rosenstein Law Offices fights for the rights and interests of wrongful death accident victims. We are your best choice in the State of California to handle a wide variety of legal matters including, but not limited to, the following: Professional Malpractice, Professional Negligence, Serious Personal Injury Cases, Wrongful Death Claims, Dog Bite Cases, Animal Attack Matters, Car Accidents, Auto Accidents, Truck Accidents, Big Rig Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Bicycle or Bike Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents and various other related areas of law. If you need more information, just click on the areas of practice photographs which are scrolling on this page and then contact our Los Angeles based wrongful death lawyers for a free telephone consultation and possible legal assistance.

If you have sustained damages as a result of professional malpractice or professional nebgligence in the State of California, you should contact the Rosenstein Law Offices at 1-888-500-5291 or 1-818-543-0927, to see if we can help.

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