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The Rosenstein Law Offices represents the rights and interests of victims of construction defect and developer related negligence. In so doing, the firm has represented condominium homeowner's associations, planned unit developments, management companies, and various types of other property owners in connection with construction defect claims in Los Angeles and throughout the entire State of California.

We are California Law Firm with Global Clientele. We are highly qualified, licensed, and authorized to practice law in all Courts in the State of California. Therefore, we have the resources available to properly advise and represent condominium homeowner's associations and planned unit development in connection with construction defect insurance claims and associated legal matters.


There a large number of residential and commercial real estate projects that are planned and developed in the State of California. Many of those projects are developed as condominium homeowner's associations or planned unit developments. These type of projects are usually planned and developed by building companies which are comprised of contractors, architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, roofers, framers, stucco contractors and various other building related professionals. These building related contractors are supposed to be licensed in their respective professions and they are required to build projects according to the specifications of the approved plans. They are also required to comply with the rules, regulations and laws in California and the local counties where the project are being developed. Notwithstanding the same, if any one those licensed professionals fails to conform to the applicable standard of care for their respective professions, there may be construction defects which ultimately cause damages.

The clear fact of the matter is that many licensed developers and building related contractors cut corners for financial reasons all of the time. They also simply fail to conduct themselves in accordance with applicable standards of care in the performance of their respective duties. In the construction defect context, there may be patent defects or defects which can be reasonable specified. There may also be latent defects which are hidden to such degree that property owners and condominium homeowner's associations may be unable to reasonably anticipate, locate or specify the problems for many years after the development of the project is completed. There are various time frames and statutes of limitation that are applicable to different types of construction defect claims. Therefore, it is important for property owners and condominium homeowner's associations or planned unit developments to retain competent attorneys at law who fully understand the nature and extent of the laws, rules, regulations and local customs which pertain to community homeowner's association projects. The Board of Directors for Associations and their Management Companies should not simply operate under the mistaken impression that insurance companies and developers will do the "right thing" and properly repair or replace defective components in their projects.

We are there to properly represent the rights and interest of victims of construction defect or developer based negligence. We can be there to advise and represent the rights and interests of your condominium homeowner's association, planned unit development and related community project, if we are retained by your association. We have represented Condominium Homeowner's Associations in Construction Defect related actions against the original developers of the project.

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