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The Rosenstein Law Offices properly advises, counsels and represents the rights and interests of condominium homeowner's associations, planned unit developments and related community association projects. In so doing, the firm has has acted as corporate legal counsel for homeowner's association matters in Los Angeles and throughout the entire State of California.

We are California Law Firm with Global Clientele. We are highly qualified, licensed, and authorized to practice law in all Courts in the State of California. Therefore, we have the resources available to properly advise and represent condominium homeowner's associations and planned unit developments in connection with their corporate documents, legal interpretations, disputes, collections, insurance claims and associated legal matters.


A condominium homeowner's association or planned unit development in the State of California is a community project that is usually developed with the intent of creating a project with uniformity, consistency, maintenance and community in mind. The community homeowner's association is usually formed as a non-profit corporation and has a board of directors in place to assist in making community related decisions. The individual homeowner's in the association are considered members and usually pay homeowner's association dues in order to properly fund the orderly operation and maintenance of the community association. The homeowner's associations are normally controlled by CC&R's, Corporate By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, Statutory Law, Case Law and related community project documents.

The problem is that the CC&Rs, Corporate By-Laws and other laws related to the orderly operation of homeowner's associations are usually complicated, poorly drafted and subject to interpretation. Therefore, it is important for condominium homeowner's associations or planned unit developments to retain competent attorneys at law who fully understand the nature and extent of the laws, rules, regulations and local customs which pertain to community homeowner's association projects. The Board of Directors for Associations and their Management Companies should not simply operate under the mistaken impression that they are competent to make legal interpretations of complicated legal documents, project plans, rules, regulations and laws. This association related function should always be referred to outside legal counsel for advice and assistance.

We are there to properly review and interpret the complicated legal documents, laws, rules and regulations which pertain to community homeowner's association projects. We can be there to advise and represent the rights and interests of your condominium homeowner's association, planned unit development and related community project, if we are retained by your association. We have also represented Condominium Homeowner's Association in Construction Defect related actions against the original developers of the project. [See Construction Defect area of practice pages for more information].

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