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The Rosenstein Law Offices operates a full service law firm in the State of California that is dedicated to providing superior and personalized legal services to all of its clients in the most expeditious manner possible. We strive to provide the same high quality of legal services to all of our clients whether they are individuals, businesses, homeowner's associations or multinational corporations. The hourly fees charged by the Rosenstein Law Offices are highly competitive in the legal industry. Moreover, in many cases, the Rosenstein Law Offices is even willing to handle personal injury cases, wrongful death actions, vehicular accident cases, liability insurance claims and other legal matters on a contingency fee basis (pay attorney fees only if you win) for the benefit of its clients.

The Rosenstein Law Offices has competently and successfully handled a large variety of legal matters throughout the State of California. The type of claims/cases handled by the Rosenstein Law Offices ranges from automobile accident claims to catastrophic personal injury cases to first-party insurance claims (earthquake, fire, smoke, etc.) to legal & pharmaceutical malpractice actions to insurance bad faith litigation to high profile disputes/transactions between multinational corporations. The personal injury division of the firm provides legal services to injured parties, aggrieved parties, businesses and personal injury accident victims who have been involved in various types of accidents (car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, taxi, limousine, bus, train, amusement park ride, dog bite, wrongful death, and the like) throughout the entire State of California & Los Angeles. The firm is also named as corporate counsel and performs legal services for many condominium homeowner's associations and local companies. In addition, the firm has been retained on numerous occasions by other attorneys and law firms to handle complex legal motions, appellate briefs and pleadings in all Courts in the State of California

The Rosenstein Law Offices has or associates with attorneys who are authorized to practice law in all Courts in the State of California. In addition, the Rosenstein Law Offices has or associates with attorneys who are authorized to practice law in the United States Federal District Courts for the Southern & Central Districts of California and in the United States Federal Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

You can rest assured that the Rosenstein Law Offices can be trusted to provide legal expertise in all of matters handled on behalf of its clients. Moreover, whether the claim, case or matter of our client is for one hundred dollars, multi-million dollars or just for principle, we will work just has hard to ensure that the interests of our clients are properly and fully represented. The clear fact of the matter is that our primary interest is the interest of our clients.

We strive to be your first and only choice for highly qualified attorneys to handle your particular matter in the Los Angeles area and throughout California. We handle all of our cases with a strong commitment to excellence, a commitment to obtaining results and a commitment to our clients.

You may Call Us Toll Free 24 hrs. @ 1-888-500-5291, Ext. 11 to arrange for a free telephone consultation with a licensed California Attorney at Law.

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